Seed Cloud is a
Venture Studio

We build digital products in the white space of emerging market opportunities.

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What we do

We build breakout companies

We work with entrepreneurs in Australia & New Zealand to turn the best ideas into segment fit companies so we can accelerate customer growth and get ready for venture-led expansion.

How we do it

Idea fit, product fit and market fit

We bring focus, expertise, talent, resource & execution.
At every stage, we’re hands on.

Our team has developed a model to validate ideas, earn business traction and generate customer growth. With foresight, timing and luck against our market themes, it’s a winning combination to get a great business off the ground and ready for venture expansion.



We work with early stage founders to build proof of concepts and validate working prototypes.

Our Agency Incubation model infuses strategic guidance with design & build services.

We contribute initial funding to get the idea off the ground and accelerate into customer beta programs



We run commercial trials to uncover customer value, develop revenue streams and streamline market distribution

Our team put skin in the game to drive customer success, bring delivery firepower and focus the roadmap so the product is truly ready for market

We re-inforce startup leadership and setup streamlined business models and back-end as a service functions to manage the right risks and prepare for acceleration



Let's make it rain! At this stage we’re about growth and expansion

Our team drives into the scale up stage with a trusted network of partners to fuel growth and prepare for global expansion

We maintain code and platform infrastructure SLA to ensure security, availability and venture ready IP

We coordinate expansion funding and provide resourcing solutions for a full team fit-out - including top talent, on-demand advisory and amplified go-to market channel specialists.

Investment Principles

Our Approach

Active Investments

Our Portfolio

Market Advantage

About Us

Our market advantage is to accelerate startups beyond the initial stages using customer growth, agile development and practical data expertise. We partner with one of Australia’s leading agencies to build, incubate and grow ambitious ideas using emerging digital technologies.

Ready to bring your ideas to life?

We work in close partnership with the team at Noble Five

Want to work in one of our startups?

We recruit top digital & data talent from N5 Network

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